9 emerging job roles for the future of AI

AI is poised to transform nearly every industry, and with it will come significant changes for many job functions. Many roles across organizations will require at least some use of artificial intelligence technologies in the coming years, creating massive new opportunities for the AI-savvy regardless of discipline. If you are in the hunt for your perfect job opportunity, see here this blog the next blog post and here is a list of the most in-demand jobs in Canada. Similarly, with many individuals and families spending more time indoors, we can expect an increase in delivery services and jobs that support people staying at home.

The job market is forever changing, and jobs fluctuate in and out of demand. Many factors, such as economics, social trends, and industrial change, contribute to whether a job has enough qualified professionals to fill vacant positions. Understanding which jobs may be in demand in the year 2022 is crucial to planning your career path and situating yourself in a career that will be sustainable.

Alongside this transformation of how many IT and business staff do their work will be the emergence of new jobs targeted at making the most of organizational AI strategies. Machine learning engineers have already cemented their place as must-have members of AI teams, taking first place in  Indeed’s best jobs list last year. AI specialist was also the top job in  LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs report, with 74 percent annual growth in the last four years, followed by robots engineer and data scientist.

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