Trust no one: New technology platforms expand the attack surface

Next year, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile all plan to shut down their 3G networks, even as 5G rollouts continue around the country and around the world. And 5G isn’t just about making movie downloads and video calls faster for end consumers – it has the potential to enable entirely new classes of applications, including self-driving cars.

“The introduction of 5G into the IoT ecosystem will dramatically increase the overall surface area for attack,” said Dan Petro, lead researcher at Bishop Fox, a security testing firm.

The complexity of the overall surface area will also increase, he added.

“When no longer resource-constrained to being simple, devices will expand in complexity indefinitely,” he told Data Center Knowledge. “This is generally a recipe for security problems.”

Meanwhile, work-from-home is rapidly turning into the new normal, cloud adoption is accelerating, and APIs are proliferating.

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