What Is Zscaler and How Does It Secure Enterprise Networks?

Zscaler saw unprecedented growth last year, replacing legacy networking platforms with its scalable cloud-based alternative at breakneck speed.

Today, the company serves more than a quarter of the Fortune 2000, with more than 150 data centers around the world, more than 20 million licensed seats, and 150 billion transactions per day — more than ten times that of Google.

According to its quarterly earnings report released at the end of February, billing was up 71 percent compared to the previous year, and the company passed the 5,000-customer milestone.

“There was one day last year when most of the world started to go into lockdown and we saw a 1,300 percent increase — in one business day — in our peak load,” said Patrick Foxhoven, Zscaler’s CIO and executive VP for emerging technologies. “And that’s starting from a base of millions of users. We lovingly refer to this period as March madness.”

And it didn’t slow down, he told DCK. “You feel guilty a little bit that our business has flourished  so much.”

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