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Review: Office Web Apps v. Google Docs

For years, folks looking for free online word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations have turned to Google Docs. However, Microsoft recently released an updated set of Office Web Apps, accessible to individual users from their SkyDrive accounts, and to business users through Office 365 and SharePoint. Read full article at Network World.

Bitcoin: Seven reasons to be wary

NETWORK WORLD–Of all the virtual currencies out there, BitCoin is the most interesting from a technical perspective – and the least interesting from the business point of view.

Farm Cash vs. Hard Cash

Virtual currencies jump the fence from in-game tokens to real-world rewards Which would you rather get as a reward for doing business with a particular company: frequent flyer miles, cash rewards, or two virtual cows on FarmVille? Major companies like American Express are betting that you pick Farm Cash or some other type of virtual …

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Five iPad Safety Tips

1. Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt. There are two parts to the data encryption challenge – encrypting stored data, and encrypting data that’s moving over public networks, says  security expert Brian Reed, vice president of products at mobile security vendor BoxTone. SSL encryption on the  iPad is a fast and convenient way to protect data in motion. …

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