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Security pros most worried about clouds, mobile

Companies were least prepared to assess the security risks of cloud and mobile technologies, according to a survey of cybersecurity professionals released this morning.Around 60 percent of companies were able to assess security risks in cloud enviro…

AI will take some jobs, but no need to worry

The capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning are accelerating, and many cybersecurity tasks currently performed by humans will be automated. There will still be plenty of work to go around so job prospects should remain good, esp…

AI makes security systems more flexible

Advances in machine learning are making security systems easier to train and more flexible in dealing with changing conditions, but not all use cases are benefitting at the same rate.Machine learning, and artificial intelligence, has been getting a …

Flood of threat intelligence overwhelming for many firms

Three years after Target missed alerts warning them about a massive data breach, the amount of threat information coming in from security systems is still overwhelming for many companies, according to new reports, due to a lack of expertise and inte…

Unencrypted pagers a security risk for hospitals, power plants

For most of us, pagers went out when cell phones came in, but some companies are still using them and when the messages are sent without encryption, attackers can listen in and even interfere with the communications.

According to two new reports by Trend Micro, pagers are still in use in hospital settings and in industrial plants.

Stephen Hilt, Trend Micro’s lead researcher on the project, said they don’t have a concrete percentage on the number of encrypted messages.

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