How to pitch me

Would you like me to write an article about your service or product, or quote your expert in one of my stories?

I prefer to be contacted by email, at, and here is what I need:

Pitching an expert

Please send me their name and short bio, and a list of topics they can comment on. Also, contact information for either them personally or their PR person.

I will add them to my list of experts. There are a lot of experts out there. There is no guarantee that I will reach out to them.

Pitching a cybersecurity product or service

I do not write articles about new products or services in the cybersecurity space. I also do not cover mergers or acquisitions or personnel news. Here is what I do cover:

News about cybersecurity events

If your analysts have discovered a major new vulnerability or malware, that is something I might be interested in. If your company has sponsored a survey about cybersecurity spending, attitudes, or adoption trends, I’m interested. If your company collects a large amount of data and has analyzed this data to come up with cybersecurity-related trends or insights, I’m interested.

If you plan to put out a report or announcement about this news, please try to get it to me at least a week ahead of time so I can pitch the story to my editors and do the reporting and have the story come out at the same time as your report. I’m happy to honor embargoes.

Reactions to cybersecurity events

If something big has happened — a major new cybersecurity regulation or a big breach — you can send me a reaction quote from an expert. If I happen to be working on a story on this topic, I  might use the quote as is, or follow up for more information. If I’m not working on a story, I’ll pass the quote along to my editors in case someone else is working on it. There is no guarantee that we will use the quote, however. The likelihood of our using the quote goes up if the quote is very timely (not a week late), pertains to a very big news event (not something minor that we wouldn’t cover), is written as if it came from a human being (not generated by a committee), and offers a unique or useful insight to our readers, who are CSO, CISOs, and other cybersecurity managers.

Trends and features about cybersecurity

To get a features story on the editorial calendar, I need to see some evidence that a substantive change is happening in cybersecurity, such as expert opinions, surveys, or analyst research reports. I also need at least a couple of CSOs or CISO at non-tech companies who can confirm this trends, and be willing to talk about how it affects their companies. If I have that, then I can also include a couple of vendors to get the technical details of what is going on. If you are a vendor looking to a pitch a feature story to me, I would need at least one customer reference, a couple of experts or analysts, and the names of at least a couple of competitors.

Pitching a virtual reality product or service

In the virtual reality area, I do cover new products or services. And if your company uses OpenSim, I also cover mergers, acquisitions, personnel announcements, pricing changes, events, and new destinations.

You can send me a quick note and I’ll either assign a freelancer or try to fit the story into my schedule.

Or you can send me a press release, which allows me to post the news much faster.

Here are some guidelines for writing a press release: 10 steps to a good press release — plus one bonus step for a great one

And some ideas for a press release: 10 ideas for a press release