Biometrics Comes To the Heartland

A couple years ago, good security meant a good firewall at the periphery of a bank’s network. Today, given the range of internal and external threats at financial institutions, that’s no longer enough. Instead of installing security appliances at key locations, banks like Fayetteville, AR-based ANB Financial are turning entire networks into security systems.

Founded in 1994, the bank grew to $650 million in assets in just over a decade. ANB has always been aggressive with new technology, being an early adopter of imaging, Internet banking, mobile ATMs and VoIP. And to stay ahead of the security curve, the bank’s rolling out biometric ID for employee security. A fingerprint scan will be used in conjunction with another security measure, such as a passcode or a keychain-sized dongle.

The innovation is part of the bank’s enterprise-wide security overhaul that includes revamping the communications network to include safeguarding more than just the network’s perimeter. The bank has installed a system from Enterasys Networks, with the help of VeriSource, its technology partner.

The system, called the Enterasys Secure Network, includes switches and security routers, as well as a central management console. The bank can manage its entire network from a single location, monitor usage and detect abnormal behavior. The system covers about 250 workstations, 12 locations and more than 250 users in Arkansas and Utah.

Article originally appeared in U.S. Banker.  Read full article at American Banker (paid subscription required).