Looking for a managing editor

Note: This blog post also ran in the Society of Professional Journalism’s “Journalism and the World” blog. Click here to see the original post.

Two different investors are offering me money to go directly to print with my new magazine (Emerging China, which covers business in central and western China) instead of starting just online first.

Even though it will be more work, we will probably do that — more advertising revenue, better credibility with readers, more respect. 🙂

That means that the position of managing editor will be more important than it was previously, and will be paid slightly better as well. So this means, instead of “starving to death” wages, we’ll be paying “street-vendor fried rice wages with an occasional drink at an expat bar.”

Chinese language skills are not required, though, obviously, they’ll be a big help. More important is a good grasp of business news style and the ability to manage inexperienced writers of various nationalities (Chinese, Canadian, French, German, and Russian).

Signing off in Shanghai,