A busy May

Sorry about not posting last month — it was a busy, busy May. The company continues to grow — and new people have to be trained, new clients dealt with.

I was on local TV — the International Channel Shanghai — and taped the first episode of a new ITV-Asia program, Emerging China, for which I’m the host.

There were business deals with new partners. More details to come later, but it looks like I’ll be running a second company soon in a different, but slightly related, line of business.

And I’m getting ready for my annual pilgrimage back to the US to meet with clients and see the old folks. We’re flying out July 15 — the e-tickets are already in hand.

Then, last night, I went out to an evening with some business friends (following up on an earlier meeting that night with another business groups – my Friday nights are packed!) — and the discussion quickly turned to non-business issues. I needed to get back to my computer near 9 p.m. — 11 p.m. at the latest. Those deadlines came and went.

I haven’t just hung out and talked like that — just talked with a bunch of cool guys — for ages.

Not since the last webloggers meeting, in fact, which was a couple of months ago. And that in itself is sad — my main non-business social outlet is a webloggers group.

Back when I had a marriage, my marriage counselor told me that I needed to learn how to get in touch with my feelings, learn to relax, embrace the softer side of life.

That didn’t get too far.

Maybe it’s time to rethink this. And get a hobby. Based on my high appetite for risk, I’m considering something like race car driving, or sky diving. But I might start out with rock climbing or downhill skiing.

In Shanghai,