Recognized on the street

The Culture Matters show aired last week. People could watch me every night at 6:30 p.m., then again the next day around noon.

Finally, this past Sunday, someone recognized me on the street. It was someone I already knew, though — Megan Shank, an editor at the Chinese edition of Newsweek. People at my kids’ school saw it, though — the producers of the show came to my house for some background footage and filmed my kids playing their instruments — the guitar and the violin. They also showed by son, Basil, making a salad.

The producers tell me that they’ll be posting the show online soon. Then the kids will be really famous – I’m sure they can’t wait.

Meanwhile, one of my fellow guests — famous Shanghai blogger Wang Jian Shuo – wrote about the experience of being on the show. If you scroll down through his post, you’ll see a couple of photos of me with my hair down.

The show’s stylists brushed it out (it’s normally a little wavy). I’ve decided to trust the experts — I now wear my hair this way for all public speaking occasions.

I just wish I’d known we were going to film five days worth of show all at once — I would have brought some changes of clothes with me. Instead, it looks as though I only own one shirt.

I’m a geek at heart. I’d rather spent a day at a computer store than clothes shopping, but I do own more than one shirt. But not too much more. Today, I promised my business manager that I’ll buy more clothes.

This is what’s known as a “geek tragedy” — having to go clothes shopping.