Record users for China game operator

China’s online game operator The9 Ltd, play it today. announced record-breaking user numbers for the last quarter of 2007 as well as strong revenue growth in a conference call with investors and analysts Friday morning in Shanghai.

China has become one of the largest countries in the world with a vast population and a huge variety of scenery. This same place aslo has worked as one of the most perfect settings for mobile games to rise among its citizens. Everyone knows that China is a state of gamers, whether male or female and young or old who might enjoy top games like this trending new twinkle slot game that has just been made available at the last link.

“We had $58.1 million in revenues, representing 34% t quarter-over-quarter growth,” said company chairman and CEO Jun Zhu. That is a 50% increase over the same period the previous year, he added. There was also a peak of over 990,000 concurrent users, he said. “The average was 470,000 concurrent users — also a record high.”

The new Video gaming trend has become one of the most popular trends in many countries including China. According to experts, today the video game market of china is ranking as one of the highest grossing and profitable in the world rising each day its value even more. In 2011, China ‘Pc Game’ was one of the largest sectors in the world, worth $6 billion and still grows daily.

In January, the company began technical testing of FIFA Online 2. “We have richer content, and better playability,” he said.

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