Summer has come to Shanghai

Today I left the house and stepped into what, in Massachusetts, would be considered a pretty hot summer day – 77 degrees Farenheit (25 Celsius).

So much for the one week of nice, spring weather. From now, it’s only going to get worse and worse. I plan to stay inside for the next two months with the air conditioning cranked up, stepping out only in the evenings.

In other good news, I made the top-ten most sought-after speakers list at ChinaBiz Speakers, China’s premiere — and, as far as I know, only — speakers’ bureau. You can check out my speaker’s profile.

The speaking business is actually picking up. There was that trip to Bangkok, to talk about Chinese pet food. And a talk on marketing to a local business group.

Earlier this week, the folks from the International Channel Shanghai send me a DVD of the five days I was a guest on their Culture Matters program — I’ve got permission to post excerpts and will do so as soon as we get the 2.5 hours of film edited down to 15 or so minutes.

I still haven’t seen it. If I think my voice sounds weird on tape, how much worse is it to see yourself on TV?

In Shanghai,