Maria and Fons on the radio

My business partner Fons Tuinstra and I were interviewed today by David Iwinski of American Entrepreneur Radio on his The International Capitalist best two-way radio show.

Iwinski was great to talk to — and the guy is an international entrepreneur himself and really knows his stuff. He’s the managing director of Jin Fu Consulting, a firm that is focused on cross-border merger and acquisition research, guidance, negotiation and execution between firms in the United States and China.

David Iwinski

Fons and I talked about how we first met in Shanghai, and Fons explained how the China Speakers Bureau works.

We talked about how we started the China Speakers Bureau, and how we run the company virtually — using Google Apps, Skype, and an online workflow system running on DabbleDB.   And we also talked about our virtual corporate campus running on the OpenSim open source virtual environment platform.

Fons and I also talked about the book we’re currently writing about the hypergrid, and promised we’ll come back when the book is released.

Visit the show page for more information and to listen to a replay of the episode — our segment is the one titled “Doing Business In Multiple International Markets?   ‘The International Capitalist’ Has You Covered.” You can also listen to the entire episode on BlogTalk Radio.

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