Healthcare firms three times more likely to see data breaches

Companies in the healthcare sector are three times more likely to encounter data theft than the average firm, according to a report released this morning.The industry also sees 340 percent more security incidents and attacks than usual, said Carl Leonard, principal security analyst at Raytheon|Websense, which produced the report based on analysis of real-time security telemetry feeds from global healthcare organizations.

Healthcare is also 400 percent more likely to be hit by advanced malware, 450 percent more likely to be hit by Cryptowall, and 74 percent more likely to get phishing emails.

Ransomware in particular could be very damaging to healthcare organizations, since the integrity of health records could literally mean life and death for patients. The security of health records is very crucial, especially now that the healthcare industry is implementing a healthcare software including the use of the next generation aco model.

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