AltspaceVR is not dead after all

(Image courtesy AltspaceVR.)

AltspaceVR, a social virtual reality platform, has come back from the dead.

A couple of weeks ago, the company announced that it was shutting down because it ran out of funding. Today, it announced that it’s not closing down after all, thanks to overwhelming support from the public.

“Thanks to that outpouring of support, we’re now deep in discussions with others who are passionate about AltspaceVR who want to guarantee that our virtual oasis stays open,” the company said in a statement. “AltspaceVR is not closing down.”

One of the people who expressed support was virtual reality pioneer and Oculus founder Palmer Luckey, who Tweeted “Should I try to save @AltspaceVR?” Two-thirds of the responses were “yes.”

“AltspaceVR is going to live on,” said AltspaceVR. “You all made this happen by sharing memories, videos, tweets, and emails. So many of you wrote to us asking if they could donate or help. You told the world how much AltspaceVR meant to you and how you had made good memories and lasting friendships.”

The company posted a video one of its members made in support of the platform:


And a cute take on “Be Our Guest”:

The company did not offer any details about how it was able to come back from the brink, but promised more news to come.

Source: Hypergrid Business