OpenSim Everything fastest-growing community


(Image courtesy Hypergrid Safari.)

The Google Plus community OpenSim Everything gained 131 new members since last September, bringing it to a total of 506 members. It was the single biggest gainer of the OpenSim-specific communities we follow. However, more people could be visiting the community without becoming official members.

OpenSim Virtual remains the largest OpenSim-specific community, with 1,960 members, and was the second-fastest growing, with 124 new members.

Hypergrid Resources was the third-fastest growing, with 122 new members bringing the total up to 361.

Hypergrid Safari gained 79 members, for a new total of 469.

Google Plus seems to be the platform of choice for sharing news and announcements related to OpenSim, where we are now tracking 182 active communities.

New and notable communities and collections include Gloebit on OpenSim, Opensimulator DreamWorld, Infinite Metaverse Alliance.  Opensim Performance Improvements,  Opensim Free, Opensim Free Resources, Opensim Middle Earth and  Promotion for virtual worlds and everything in ’em.

Do keep in mind that the number of members isn’t the same as the number of visitors. Many people have public communities bookmarked and visit them often, without necessarily becoming an official member.

In addition to providing an outlet for event organizers, content creators and grid owners to share news and events, these communities also help OpenSim users with technical questions, share resources, conduct polls, and provide a platform for a wide variety of viewpoints and discussions.

Largest Google Plus communities for OpenSim

Source: Hypergrid Business