Kitely to offer virtual private grids

Kitely’s new Welcome Center. (Image courtesy Kitely.)

Kitely will soon offer the option of hosting Virtual Private Grids on top of the Kitely grid, the company announced this week.

According to the company, this new offering will enable groups and organizations to benefit from Kitely’s stability, performance and ease of use while gaining a new level of control over what their members can do, who they can interact with, and what content they will encounter.

Ilan Tochner

“Over 100,000 people have used Kitely since it opened its OpenSim-based virtual worlds service in March 2011,” said Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner. “Many people have been using Kitely for their private group activities, but while you can already limit who can access your Kitely worlds, there are some usage scenarios that require additional control.”

For example, he said, educators need to be able to prevent their students from visiting unauthorized worlds, interacting with Kitely users who don’t belong to the school, or viewing content that is unrelated to the school.

Kitely’s Virtual Private Grids will enable Kitely users to get the type of control that is currently only possible by creating a standalone grid, while keeping all of Kitely’s benefits, he said.

Kitely aims to roll out this offering in time for the upcoming K-12 school year.

Kitely is one of the largest and most successful commercial grids in OpenSim. Its Kitely Market, OpenSim’s only online content marketplace, currently delivers directly to in-world avatars, and also to more than 260 other OpenSim grids.

Source: Hypergrid Business