Why Entrusting Security to a Startup May Be Worth the Risk

Startups are volatile and doing business with them comes with a degree of risk. Some may not know what they’re doing, and some might not be around for long. They usually don’t have the breadth of features and services established vendors tend to offer.

But there are benefits to working with a startup that can offset the risks, and savvy data center operators shouldn’t ignore new kids on the block.

For one, startups don’t have to contend with legacy architectures or cost structures. They can offer products and services that are more innovative than those from incumbents, and they can sell them for less.

Agility is especially important in cybersecurity. By virtue of being smaller and less laden with bureaucracy, security startups can react faster to changes in the threat landscape.

And, because they only have a few customers, they can pay a lot of attention to those customers — including incorporating customers’ requirements into the core of theirproducts or services.

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