Winter Expo starts Dec. 1 on Tangle Grid

Winter Expo on Tangle Grid. (Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

Tangle Grid’s Winter Expo opens its doors this Saturday, inviting  hypergrid  travelers from any OpenSim grid to come and check out the exhibits and shopping opportunities.

The hypergrid address is isle. For folks new to hypergrid travel, type Ctrl-M to pull up the map, cut-and-paste the address into the map’s address field — where you would normally type a region name — and click “teleport.”

Leslie Kling

“Tangle Grid has been hosting expos for about six years,” Tangle Grid owner Leslie Kling told Hypergrid Business.

In addition to being open to visitors from any grid, the expo is also open to exhibitors from other grids, as well.

“The idea behind it was to get everyone involved at one location to show off their items  to the rest of the metaverse,” Kling said. “It doesn’t matter what grid you belong to as long as the items you are displaying stays within the theme of the Expo that is going on at that time.”

The Halloween Expo was held earlier this fall. (Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

Easy shopping

The Expo supports the multi-grid Gloebit currency, the most popular payment option in OpenSim.

Some exhibitors give away items for free, she added, while others sell their items, and the items can be taken back to the visitors’ home grids.

Exhibitors can also use their exhibit space to invite travelers to come and visit their shops  on other grids, as long as this does devolve into inter-grid marketing battles.

“We want to keep the expos as one big community get-together,” said Kling.

This year’s Sci-Fi expo on Tangle Grid. (Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

Sandbox now open

There is still time to become an exhibitor.

There is a sandbox open, and people can stop by and select a location.

“The expos always have a few days between for people to get ready and set up before opening day,” she said. “If you want to place items at the expo please feel free to do so. Just find a spot and drop.”

Those interested in exhibiting, promoting or selling items at the expo can also contact Leslie Kling in-world or via email at for more information.

(Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

Picture contest

In connection with the Winter Expo, Tangle Grid is also hosting the Winter Wonderland Photo Contest.

Contestants can submit either real-world photographs or in-world snapshots.

The winner gets a full 15,000-prim region for three months, a $60 value.

Deadline for submissions is December 17. Expo visitors will be able to vote on the pictures, and the winner will be announced on January 13.

To participate, just upload your photo on this page.


Source: Hypergrid Business