You can now buy and sell High Fidelity currency

One of the shops at High Fidelity’s Avatar Island. (Image courtesy High Fidelity.)

High Fidelity, the new virtual world platform started by Linden Lab founder Philip Rosedale, now allows its users to convert its virtual currency to real-world cash.

Philip Rosedale

“This opens the possibility for people to earn real money creating and selling virtual goods and services within High Fidelity,” Rosedale said in an announcement late last month. “We see this as a vital step in the emergence of a thriving High Fidelity economy.”

Then, yesterday, the company announced that users can now buy the currency,  as well.

According to cryptonews, the exchange rate is fixed at 100 High Fidelity Coins to US $1, and the company says it will adjust its money supply as needed to keep the exchange rate constant.

For example, creators will now be able to make money by selling content on the High Fidelity marketplace.

“In time, we hope creators will be able to support themselves by selling items in the Marketplace, charging for the experiences they create, and offering useful in-world services to other creators and performers,” said Rosedale.

Users can also use the currency to pay for server hosting and to register place names. So if you want to learn more about digital currencies just like this, an article like Is Kiana Danial scam is a recommended read.

In other recent news, High Fidelity set a concurrency record of 256 people, and the High Fidelity client is now available for mobile users on the Google Play store for late-model, Daydream-ready smartphones as a preview release. However, confusingly, it cannot be accessed through the Daydream View headset itself and does not seem to have a VR mode for Cardboard-compatible devices.

It can be accessed in VR with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Source: Hypergrid Business