2019 OpenSim grid survey

It’s time for the tenth annual OpenSim grid survey!

Rate your favorite grid, help the community improve, and help give newcomers to OpenSim some ideas for places to explore!

In the survey below, the suggested options are the top 15 most popular grids from this month’s stats report, but you can also write in any grid you like. Each year, there’s usually at least one write-in grid that does extremely well in the survey.

Please vote once, for the grid that you spend the most time on. If you honestly split the time between two grids, you can take the survey twice — but please note in the comments that you’ve done so, so that the duplicate submission won’t be deleted. No personally identifiable information will ever be shared and the raw data will be deleted after the survey results have been published.

If you can’t see the form below, you can access it in its own OpenSim grid survey Google form page.


Source: Hypergrid Business