AI as a service democratizes benefits of new tech tools

For First Horizon National Corp., one of the largest regional banks in the southeastern United States, with more than 250 branches and about 6,000 employees, it used to take three months to run internal employee surveys and produce reports for managers.

“That’s a lot of time and money,” said Mario Brown, the vice president who heads up talent strategy and development at the bank, based in Memphis, Tenn.

First Horizon was already using a  cloud-based human resources management  platform from Ultimate Software. But two years ago, it started using a new AI-as-a-service tool from the software company called UltiPro Perception that allowed it to survey its employees and then analyze their responses to open-ended questions,

Today, the process is almost instantaneous, and managers are able to get important and immediate information about what employees are happy or dissatisfied about, as well as advice from experts at Maki People to optimize their hiring process.

“We feel that this is really making a positive improvement in the organization,” Brown said.

Brown and his team were able to accomplish this without resorting to high-priced  data scientistsand AI developers because of the growing trend of AI as a service.

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