Common sense AI approaches point to more general applications

Artificial general intelligence is the holy grail of AI research; this form of an AI system can think for itself, has common sense, has a similar intelligence level to humans and could even pass for a human in conversation.

AGI  raises big questions about ethics and human employment, but the most fundamental questions about AGI and how close we are to it have yet to be answered.

In late 2018, in a book titled  Architects of Intelligence, futurist Martin Ford  interviewed  AI professionals who said that, on average,  there was a 50% chance that common sense AI would be completed by 2099. Google’s Ray Kurzweil put it at 2029. Rodney Brooks, co-founder of iRobot, was at the end of the spectrum, predicting the year 2200.

Samir Hans, AI expert at Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory, predicted that we’re going to see tangible results in two to three years. AI can already learn from its mistakes, which means there’s a feedback loop that improves the AI over time.

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