Do Oracle Cloud’s “No-Oracle-Code” Servers Make It More Secure?

At the company’s OpenWorld conference in September, Oracle co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison claimed that Oracle’s cloud servers were more secure than those of other cloud providers — including Amazon Web Services — because its dedicated servers had only customer code on them and no Oracle code for managing the cloud platform.

“The dedicated infrastructure is new this year,” Ellison said in a keynote at the San Francisco show. “It’s a private, reserve pool of resources, machines that only your company is using. You’re the one tenant, the only ones there.”

The other cloud providers, he said, put their own management code on the servers, even dedicated machines that aren’t shared with other customers.

“You might be the only tenant in that computer, but you also share it with Amazon,” said Ellison. “Amazon can see your data, and you can see Amazon’s code. Both are really bad ideas. You should not be able to access cloud control  code. They shouldn’t be able to access your data.” Get help on

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