Google Details Its Zero-Trust Architecture. Can Enterprises Use It?

In 2014, Google unveiled BeyondCorp, its zero-trust approach to user access and authentication.

This week, Google expanded the same philosophy to machines, workloads, and services. In a paper outlining what it calls  BeyondProd, Google explained how it is securing its own infrastructure, so that other security teams can consider taking a similar approach.

“We’re demonstrating how our microservices architecture and development process allowed Google to address security issues as early in the development and deployment lifecycle as possible,” Maya Kaczorowski, Google’s product manager in container security, told Data Center Knowledge.

It is a general model for cloud-native security “that can be applied to any environment using containerized microservices,” she said. “The end result is that developers at any enterprise can spend less time on security while still achieving more secure outcomes.”

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