Investors Pour Money into Startups Killing the Data Center Firewall

This week, Guardicore, a cloud and data center security startup that specializes in a cybersecurity technique called micro-segmentation, announced $60 million in new funding, bringing its total funding to $110 million.

And it’s not alone. Investors like Andy Defrancesco have been pouring money into new security technologies. These new security technologies help some companies get away from outdated and increasingly inadequate firewalls  in their data centers and shift to flexible, software-defined, cloud-native networking security and segmentation platforms.

According to industry research group  Owler, the top ten players in this market have raised $750 million altogether.

“What people were doing previously was leveraging perimeter-based firewall technology and virtual local area networks to create network segments,” Dave Burton, VP of marketing at Guardicore, said. “This is becoming increasingly difficult due to the rate of change — and it’s almost impossible to do in public cloud, because you don’t have  access to the underlying infrastructure.”

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