Latest Data Center Network Security Strategies Revolve Around Intelligence

The cybersecurity field is in the early stages of a sweeping shift to intelligent solutions. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are already having an impact in the data center, and nowhere is this more apparent than in network security.

Intelligence and automation are already playing a part in creating and managing smart, real-time microsegmentation strategies, analyzing network traffic to spot suspicious activities or unusual movements of data, and managing access in least-privilege and zero-trust environments.

Boston-based law firm Goulston & Storrs turned to intelligent network security solutions to protect its data center because of a fatal flaw in standard solutions focused on defending the company’s perimeter.

“What the traditional approach lacks is what happens after something fails,” said John Arsneault, the firm’s CIO. “You may not know that you have an intrusion for months, and the intruder will take their time and  try to move around on your network and through your hosts and applications and make sense of where the gold is.”

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