Oracle’s Autonomous Cloud Security Claims Met with Skepticism

Last week, Oracle co-founder and CTO Larry Ellison claimed that Oracle’s new autonomous systems will eliminate all data breaches. Not everyone’s buying it.

“Autonomous systems eliminate human labor,” Ellison said in a keynote address. “And when you eliminate human labor, you eliminate pilot error.”

For example, this summer’s Capital One data breach was caused by a configuration error within its Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure.

“Amazon takes a very reasonable position,” said Ellison. “Saying, ‘Hey, you misconfigured the system, that’s your mistake, we at Amazon can’t be responsible.’ If you spend the night drinking and get into your Ford 150 and crash it, that’s not Ford’s problem. But if you get into an autonomous Tesla, it should drive you home safely.”

Oracle, with its autonomous, self-configuring, self-tuning database, operating system, and cloud infrastructure is the self-driving car in this example.

“So, in the  Amazon cloud, if you make an error and it leads to catastrophic data loss, that’s on you,” he said. “In the Oracle cloud… the system is responsible for preventing data loss. Not you. Us. Or, more precisely, our automated systems. No human labor. No human error. No data loss. That’s a big difference between us and AWS.”

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