The Ideal Data Center Access Control Device May Be in Your Pocket

All the passwords have been hacked and keyfobs are expensive and easily lost. But new biometric identification technologies are filling the gap, and many of them are inexpensive, easy to use, and even built into the devices most of us carry in our pockets.

Credential breaches keep hitting the headlines. So far this year, just one hacker has  stolen and published  nearly a billion user records from 44 companies; Facebook exposed nearly half a billion passwords; Microsoft confirmed an email breach; hackers published the info of thousands of police officers and FBI agents; Georgia Tech had a breach of more than a million records; FEMA leaked 1.6 million records as a result of a phishing attack, and the bad news keeps coming.

IdentityForce handily  keeps track of all the latest breaches.

If you’re in charge of security for a data center, there’s a good chance a key employee has fallen victim to one of these breaches, and their  credentials have been compromised. Whether they’re reusing one of their passwords or hackers leverage the leaked credentials to get access to other accounts, authentication systems based purely on passwords are not enough.

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