Utopia Skye grid to hold art fair this summer

(Image courtesy Utopia Skye.)

The Utopia Skye OpenSim grid will be holding an art fair this month, and submissions will be accepted until June 15.

The Skye Art Fair itself will run from June 29 to July 28, with special events on the opening weekend, June 29 and June 38. There will also be a closing ceremony on July 27.

“Artists from all over OpenSim and the hypergrid are most welcome to participate in this Art Fair and proudly show their works of art,” the grid announced on its Discord channel.

The event will be located at the hypergrid address utopiaskyegrid.com:8002:Skye ArtSpace.

(Image courtesy Utopia Skye.)

To submit an application, artists can fill out a form, available on the grid’s Discord Channel, or contact event organizers Moontan Valeeva, EC Skye, Tiana Genesis, and Eagle Wolf in-world.

The grid can also be reached via its Facebook page or on Twitter @UtopiaSkyeGrid.

Source: Hypergrid Business