Benefits of embedded BI and customizable analytics

Mighty nice enterprise application you’ve got there, shame it doesn’t have any interactive visualizations and your users are going blind from staring at rows and rows of tiny numbers. Unfortunately, the easier something is to use, the harder it seems to be to develop, and budgets and resources are stretched tight — right now especially.

That’s where  embedded analytics  come in. Depending on how much customization you need and how fast you want it, there are two main options: embedded analytics from business intelligence vendors and embedded customizable analytics from development frameworks.

Embedded BI to the rescue

All the big business intelligence platforms, such as Tableau and Power BI — and smaller alternatives such as Qlik and Looker — have embedded analytics functionality. If your company is already using one of these platforms, the data connections are already in place, analytics have been set up and views have been created. All you need to do is add the embed code to your application.

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