How AI Is Used in Data Center Physical Security Today

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are touted as the cure-all for everything that ails a data center. White much of it is hype and baseless optimism, AI-powered tools are already useful and practical in some areas. Those areas include data center physical security, where AI is making a difference on three fronts: image and sound recognition, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics.

Image and Sound Recognition

Image recognition is one of the big success stories in AI, and the technology is quickly being embedded everywhere. And so is its close cousin, sound recognition.

In physical security, obviously, image recognition is most often used for  facial authentication.

But it’s about more than just confirming that someone is who they say they are when they enter a building. Image recognition can also be used to find out whether there are people in a certain room during a fire or another emergency. It can be used to tell whether motion being  detected is a branch swaying in the wind or an intruder trying to climb over a fence.

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