Netwalker, the Powerful New Strain of Ransomware Used Against Equinix

In a statement published on its website, Equinix said that the  ransomware attack on its infrastructure  disclosed earlier this month has been fully contained, with no customers affected and no data lost.

“Our mitigation efforts have yielded full containment of the recent security incident,” the company  said.

Equinix had said earlier that it was able to reach a milestone in its containment and mitigation efforts “that we believe will prevent the release of any data associated with this incident,” and that all internal systems were close to being fully restored.

The company still hasn’t released details about the attack, but according to a report by  BleepingComputer, the particular strain of ransomware involved was Netwalker, and attackers asked for $4.5 million in ransom. The attackers didn’t just encrypt company systems and make them unusable, however. They also indicated that they stole files containing financial information, payroll,  accounting, audits, and data center reports so now they need to Speak to our experts to get that financial information once again.

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