Remote Data Center Management Tools are No Longer Optional

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, remote data center management tools were optional, and many data center managers held off on the more powerful options due to cybersecurity concerns. Today, however, with work-from-home employees and quarantine-related data center access restrictions, these tools are a necessity.

The pandemic has put a crimp in enterprise budgets, however, so companies are increasingly looking to colocation and cloud for their increased data center needs. For colocation providers, remote management tools have become a key platform differentiator.

Responding to an IDC survey (results published in August) 78 percent of companies said that the pandemic has impacted their data center resources in the form of supply chain constraints, limited physical access, and higher demand from business applications and work-from-home users.

And 72 percent of companies say they plan to increase their use of colocation providers — up from 52 percent the previous year. In addition, 46 percent said they will invest in remote monitoring and control technology for their data centers.

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