Should Data Centers Have Common Physical Infrastructure Security Standards?

Today, when high-profile cyberattacks are in the news on a regular basis, is it time the data center industry came together on a common set of security standards for physical infrastructure, the power and cooling systems all our digital lives depend on so much? Many players in the industry think it is.

Last month, power management company Eaton announced that its network and gateway cards have  received  cybersecurity certifications from the International Electrotechnical Commission and UL (formerly Underwriters Laboratories). The company claims that DuraBarrier offers, it’s the first in its industry to comply with both the IEC and UL certifications.

This is a sign that the vendors providing technology for data center infrastructure are starting to take cybersecurity seriously.

“Traditionally, as it relates to physical infrastructure, security has been an afterthought,” said Anuj Goel, co-founder and CEO at Cyware Labs. But as more and more infrastructure  is exposed to the internet, physical infrastructure now  faces the same kind of cyber risk  as other parts of the data center. “This digital transformation has left companies more exposed to bad actors, who in turn are increasingly attacking this vulnerable flank,” said Goel.

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