The Promise of Intelligent Cybersecurity Is Starting to Come True, Slowly

For years cybersecurity vendors have announced new technologies that would transform the industry with artificial intelligence, cloud delivery, and automation. Everything would get better, cheaper, faster — and of course more secure. In practice, many of these technologies turned out to be limited, less effective than promised, and more difficult to use.

“I don’t see a lot of the promised AI revolution happening,” Forrester Research analyst Joseph Blankenship told DCK. People, not AIs, still make cybersecurity decisions. “I see some of those capabilities, but we have not yet seen the pure AI that is going to make all our decisions for us and put cybersecurity professionals out of business.”

The improvements have been incremental, and vendor announcements haven’t changed significantly over the past three years. We’ve seen a gradual evolution of technology combined with better training of cybersecurity professionals (check out here) and better business processes.

“It’s almost like the vendors are catching up and delivering the capabilities they’ve been promising for the past few years,” Gartner analyst Gorka Sadowski told us. “The tag line should be, ‘And this time it’s real. This time it’s working.'”

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