10 Cybersecurity Threats Enterprise IT Should Watch Out for in 2021

Ransomware, COVID-19, and nation-state attacks made 2020 a banner year for cybercrime. Many organizations were caught unprepared, even though there had been plenty of warnings about potential pandemics and nothing unexpected at all about more ransomware attacks or countries waging cyberwar.

There are no signs this year will be better on the cybersecurity front. Criminals are sitting on piles of money they can invest in improving their attack technologies and infrastructure, and nations will continue to pursue their political goals via sophisticated hacks.

But some of the tactics will be novel or at least little seen so far. We asked top security experts for their predictions of what’s coming in 2021. Here’s what they told us.

1. Work-From-Home Attacks

The pandemic has caused a global change in how employees access corporate systems. Even though there’s been a wholesale shift to remote work, we haven’t yet seen any massive-scale attacks  using less protected home networks as a vector, Scott Crawford, an analyst at 451 Research, said.

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