6 reasons you may need data science as a service

Data science as a service, or DSaaS, has been old news for a while, but it has become a hot topic once again. In March, AWS announced a partnership with Change Healthcare to offer DSaaS for health analytics.

That same month, mobility solutions vendor Comviva announced its own DSaaS offering to help telecom providers with marketing. And in February, data services provider Calligo acquired data analytics vendor Decisive Data in order to expand its DSaaS offerings.

With  data science as a service  garnering more attention, it’s important to enterprises to know whether they should invest in the service and what are the reasons for considering it.

What is data science as a service?

According to Anand Rao, partner and global AI leader at PwC, data science as a service is the outsourcing of data science activities to an external provider.

“The client provides the data and the DSaaS provides the insights from the data to the client,” he said.

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