Interested in getting voice, new viewers for OpenSim? Take this survey

The Infinite Metaverse Alliance called on OpenSim users to take a survey today.

Lisa Laxton

“Given the number of new features for users that have evolved in the past two years, we are interested in knowing more about what users want and need,” said CEO Lisa Laxton.

The results will help the organization set priorities for its development projects, she told Hypergrid Business. For example, the IMA is currently working on SceneGate and DreamGate viewers that are designed to improve accessibility and usability. The organization is also working on projects related to server and grids.

“Most importantly and the reason for the launch of the survey today, given current community concerns about the potential loss of public spatial voice, we have revived the EchoVoice project that was on hold due to limited resources during the pandemic,” she said. “It is currently our top priority in terms of development and funding.”

The IMA is also looking at providing free public spatial voice for the non-commercial community, she said. “Commercial options will also be made available for those needing assistance after the community needs are hopefully met. A meeting with developers and grid owners is planned to discuss decisions made for the EchoVoice project prior to the funding campaign launch.”

The survey is also looking at other topics, to get a sense of activities, needs and preferences of the OpenSim user community.

“It is likely other development teams and grid owners would also be interested in learning more as well,” she added.

The survey will close in two weeks, and the results will be posted before the end of the month, she said, on the IMA’s surveys page. and on the group’s Twitter feed.

The results will also be published here at Hypergrid Business.

You can take the survey below, or open it on its own webpage by following this link.


Source: Hypergrid Business