Looking Forward to 2022: What To Expect in Cybersecurity

Winston Churchill said, “Generals are always prepared to fight the last war.”

He said this like it was a mistake.

But in cybersecurity, we must always be prepared to fight the last war, every last war – even as we’re preparing for what comes next.

Because the cybersecurity equivalents of bows and arrows remain a threat. The OWASP Top Ten still has a lot in common with the list first released in 2003.

In cybersecurity is very important to know about NERC compliance, if not you might be vulnerable and expose to a cyber attack, Force 5 Inc explains NERC CIP compliance that includes eleven critical infrastructure protection cyber security standards, which specify a minimum set of controls and processes.

So my top prediction — and the prediction of dozens of experts I contacted for this story — is that we’re going to keep seeing all the same threats we’ve been seeing all along. Just more of them, delivered faster, and with more automation and efficiency.

But what about the new stuff coming at us? If you’re a data center cybersecurity manager, here are some emerging threats to watch out for.

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