Network certs 2021: Significant raises for the right ones

COVID-19 kicked off one of the most disruptive economic periods since World War II, and companies scrambled to shift business processes to the cloud to meet escalating digital demands. In fact, companies digitized many activities at a rate 20% to 25% faster than previously thought possible, according to  research from McKinsey & Company.

That acceleration has impacted the IT workforce: 85% of IT hiring managers say their hiring needs have changed, according to  a survey by colocation provider INAP. This creates an opportunity for IT professionals who want to move ahead in their careers. Getting trained in key technologies can be a steppingstone not only to better pay but also to leadership jobs with more responsibilities.

IT professionals who gained new skills or certifications last year received an average raise in excess of $12,000–more than double the average IT annual salary increase of $5,000, according to the most recent  Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, released this past December.

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