Pandemic, AWS Bombing Plot Heighten Data Center Physical Security Concerns

This relatively chaotic period has made data center operators increasingly worried about their facilities’ physical security. This had been true even before FBI announced the AWS data center bombing plot it foiled by arresting the alleged bomber-to-be.

Whether their current sense of unease is leading operators to action of some sort is unclear. Most of the ones we’ve talked to are, understandably, tight-lipped about any specific precautions they may have been taking beyond the standard security best practices.

“Data centers were always something out of sight and out of mind, but that’s not the case today,” Fred Burton, formerly a State Department counter-terrorism deputy chief and US Diplomatic Security Service special agent, said. “You can do some tremendous cyber-stalking.”

Burton is now executive director of the Ontic Center for Protective Intelligence, which provides a software platform that feeds physical-threat intelligence to organizations’ security teams.

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