Paying Hackers’ Ransom Demands Is Getting Harder

If your data center’s ransomware recovery plan is to pay off the hackers with cryptocurrency, it’s time to rethink your strategy as regulators crack down.

Today, every data center manager should be aware of the dangers of ransomware and have a disaster recovery plan that doesn’t involve paying hacker’ ransomware demands.

But, according to a ransomware survey report released in June by Keeper Security, 49% of companies hit by ransomware paid the ransom — and another 22% declined to say whether they paid or not. Part of the reason why so many companies are paying hackers is the lack of usable backups.

It’s not enough just to have tape backups of key databases in an offsite location somewhere. Yes, they’re going to be safe from attackers, but restoration is going to take time and money. Often, paying the ransoms is cheaper and quicker.

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