Register now for OpenSim community conference

OSCC 2020. (Image courtesy AvaCon.)

The 2021 OpenSimulator Community Conference is next weekend, and registration is now open — and free.

This year’s conference features more than 65 speakers leading presentations, workshops, panel sessions, music, and social events across the diversity of the OpenSimulator user base.

See the full schedule here.

Attending the conference event is free, but those wishing to financially support the conference can still become a sponsor or participate in the  crowdfunder campaign when registering. Participants in the crowdfunding campaign will receive a variety of thank-you gifts depending upon their level of participation, including conference VIP seating, and the ability to have a virtual expo booth at the event. The conference sponsorship or crowdfunder contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law for US residents.

The OSCC21 presentation events taking place Saturday, Dec 11th, and Sunday, Dec 12th will also be live simulcast streamed to

Other ways to contribute to this year’s event include volunteering with the conference team and hosting a community event on their own grid as part of the conference program.

Source: Hypergrid Business