Report: Cloud Security Breaches Surpass On-Prem Ones for the First Time

Most cybersecurity incidents now involve cloud infrastructure, according to the latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR).

The annual report is the most researched of its kind. This year’s report is based on more than 79,000 cybersecurity incidents and over 5,200 breaches. Last year’s report analyzed around 4,000 breaches, and 2019’s report included 2,000.

The big news this year was that 73 percent of the cybersecurity incidents involved external cloud assets, with the rest involving on-premises IT assets. Last year, cloud assets were only involved in 27 percent of breaches.

This is the first time that cloud incidents surpassed on-premises ones, said Gabriel Bassett, a Verizon researcher and architect and the 2021 DBIR’s lead scientist. But this does not necessarily mean that cloud services are less secure than on-premises infrastructure, he told DCK.

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