Twelfth Annual OpenSim Grid Survey

It’s that time of the year again — time to find out what OpenSim users think of their grids. Don’t worry if your home grid isn’t one of the suggested options — with more than 300 active grids, we can’t list them all, but focused on the ones most active last month. You can still write in your grid. In fact, nearly every year, at least one of the write-in grids makes it to the top of the charts and then hits everyone’s radar.

You can submit two responses if you split your time evenly between two different grids, but please note this in the comments so that your response won’t be invalidated. Deadline for submissions is midnight on Saturday, Oct. 16, Pacific time. All submissions are kept completely confidential. Grid owners may request anonymized reports after the survey closes.

You can see the results of last year’s survey here. You can see all the previous surveys and all monthly statistics here.

If you can’t see the form below, open it in a new window here.


Source: Hypergrid Business