ASBPE Awards of Excellence: 2020 National Gold Award Winner

Maria Korolov’s Network World article, Private 5G keeps Whirlpool driverless vehicles rolling, received top national honors from the American Society of Business Press Editors.

Here is what Network World editors said about this article:

5G is a wireless technology that is about to dramatically raise the bandwidth of cellular connections. So far, it’ hasn’t been in wide use, but Whirlpool is deploying it at one of its plants to overcome the shortcomings of Wi-Fi that is being used to guide driverless vehicles at the facility. This article presents the problems as stated by Whirlpool and its solution as described by collaborators AT&T and Seegrid that are installing the 5G gear. It adds context about the current status of 5G and the prospects Whirlpool has for its further use in other facilities and for other purposes. With those bases covered, the article offers up lessons-learned for readers considering deploying 5G themselves.

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