Physical Infrastructure Cybersecurity: A Growing Problem for Data Centers

Modern data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platforms and other new tools put more power in the hands of facility managers.

As a result, data centers are becoming faster, more scalable, and more efficient. But with this comes a greater risk of cyberattacks against physical infrastructure.

Earlier this year, researchers at cybersecurity firm Cyble found more than 20,000 instances of data center infrastructure management systems exposed to the Internet.

Attackers who are able to get access to DCIM systems can manipulate cooling systems, for example, which can cause servers to overheat and suffer damage. They can also disrupt backup processes or upload malicious backup files. If uninterruptible power supply systems have dashboards accessible over the Internet, then attackers can turn off the UPS.

“When it comes to data center infrastructure, our approach is – if it’s connected, it’s a potential vulnerability,” said Chris Caruso, CISO at Cyxtera Technologies, global data center and colocation provider.

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