8 top industries for private 5G

Private 5G networks promise lower latency, higher bandwidth, better security and broader coverage, particularly in challenging environments like mines and factories, compared to more established technologies like WiFi or 4G LTE. However, 5G hardware and standards have lagged, experts say, slowing enterprise adoption.

In some industries, the benefits of 5G are so compelling that companies are moving ahead with deployments with the pieces that are already available and finding work-arounds for those that aren’t.

Across the broad spectrum of potential use cases for private 5G, adoption is expected to pick up steam over the next few years. According to an IEEE survey of technology leaders released in late October, 5G is one of the five most important technology trends for 2024, after AI, XR, and cloud computing. Survey respondents said 5G will be of particular benefit for telemedicine, transportation, and manufacturing.

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