Data loss prevention vendors tackle gen AI data risks

Data loss prevention (DLP) vendors are racing to add support for generative AI use cases to their platforms, following the popularity and increasing adoption of ChatGPT since its release in November 2022. The tool quickly became the fastest-growing app in history, and a board-level agenda item for companies.

According to an IDC report released in August, 65% of companies have already deployed generative AI, 19% are actively exploring it, and 13% are still considering it. Only 3% say they are not planning to use generative AI.

The single biggest roadblock to adoption, according to IDC, was the concern that proprietary information would leak into the large language models owned by generative AI technology providers. “Employees across industries are finding new and innovative ways to perform their tasks at work faster,” says Kayne McGladrey, IEEE senior member and cybersecurity strategist at Ascent Solutions. “However, this can lead to the sharing of confidential or regulated information unintentionally. For instance, if a physician sends personal health information to an AI tool to assist in drafting an insurance letter, they may be in violation of HIPAA regulations.”

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